Sunday, April 28, 2013

It is consecutive holidays 4/27 ~ 4/29 and 5/3 ~ 5/6 in japan.

Hello all :)

It is consecutive holidays in japan.

4/27,4/27 are weekend.

4/29 is "昭和の日" as Birthday of Emperor Hirohito.

"昭和の日" was said "みどりの日" till 2007.
But "みどりの日"  moved to 5/4.

This week, 4/27 to 5/6, in japan is said "ゴールデンウィーク(Golden week)".
Japanese holiday are gathered in this week 

so, japanese are so happy at this week :)
Some go to picnic , some stay in home :)

"五月病" such as "Becoming don't have motivation after May"
Japanese university are start at 4/1. 
May is 1 month after by April.
Because consecutive holidays arecomming soon, japanese student often sick "五月病".

But "五月病" isn't sick you know !

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